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After spending almost 30 years in law enforcement, and seeing the darkest aspects of the human condition as a federal drug prosecutor, a passion for nature photography gave me an opportunity to re-discover everything that is wonderful in life – a world full of amazing people, beautiful landscapes, fascinating creatures, and boundless opportunities.  Whenever possible, I spend my free time seeking beautiful landscapes, climbing mountains, tracking wildlife, and capturing it all with my camera.  My passion for photography has grown into its own business, allowing me to share special moments in time through my images and speaking opportunities.  Please feel free to visit my website at

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  1. Nancy L. Kunau says:

    Monte Stiles
    Just a note to say Hi. Today I worked in Gooding County and I had the opportunity to go to five schools (Gooding High School and Middle School, Wendell High School and Middle School and Magic Valley Acadamy). I went by to personally invite them to your presentation on May 8th. I shared with all of them your dynamic message. One administrator said, “Is the guy who takes the great pictures”? I said, “That’s him!” Monte, we are looking forward to having you come to the Magic Valley. Please bring your beautiful pictures–they are amazing.
    See you soon,
    Dr. Nancy L. Kunau “Nancy”

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