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For more information, please send an email to or call (208) 841-6682. See also: for available images.

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  1. Emily Eckstein says:

    Hey Monte! My name is Emily, I met you at the FCCLA State Conference in Indiana. I wanted to show you a picture that I took. It’s not the greatest but there is something I love about it!

    It might just be some fungi on a dead tree, but I truly love it 😀
    I took this in the early fall while me and some of my friends were out taking pictures in the woods. I was disappointed we didn’t get a flake of snow here! I was looking forward to taking some beautiful pictures.



  2. I am the chairperson for the Dept of Health and Welfare Regional Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse in Region 5 – Twin Falls, Idaho. It has been requested at a couple of meetings that I contact you and see if we can host you coming to Twin Falls to do a presentation. I have not had the opportunity to hear you speak so would like to have contact about what you can offer us and what type of venue/expense would be involved. I can be reached at the email provided or at 208-734-4200 . Debbie Thomas, Clinical Director The Walker Center

  3. Ted Faubel says:

    Monte, We heard you speak at Ten Mile Christian church Friday Sept. 14th.
    We would love to hear you speak again when you have more time. (seems like 45 minutes was not enough)
    Where can we hear you speak on the same subject again, in the Boi/Nampa area?

  4. C. Burrell says:

    Monte gave everyone who had the opportunity to attend his presentation a greater understanding of his passion for informing the youth about the dangers of drugs. Monte has the experience and expertise to be very knowledgeable. Thank you so much, Monte, for caring enough to devote your life to helping our society be more aware of the dangers of drugs that are clearly out there and affect all of us.

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