Nature 127

About "An Abundance of Nature"

This gallery is a collection of images that highlight certain aspects of nature that often go unnoticed unless examined closely or viewed from a different perspective. A long time ago, I realized that “part” of something is often more fascinating than the whole, and that seeing something from a new perspective is like seeing it for the first time.

The gallery name "An Abundance of Nature" is in recognition of a world that is endlessly fascinating. Although the word "abundance" is often defined as having “more than you need,” it is typically used in positive ways such as an abundance of love or blessings.

Because children view the world though eyes filled with wonder and awe, their lives are full of new experiences and adventures, and imagination constantly fuels their thoughts and actions. As adults, we often lose this sense of wonder as our attention becomes focused on education, occupations, paying bills, and raising families. Over time, the cumulative weight of life’s responsibilities can negatively influence our interest in (and time for) quietly enjoying a sunset, inhaling the fragrances of a flower garden, or hearing a symphony of sounds coming from the deep forest. In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes even fail to appreciate the time we spend with little ones who are still experiencing the world in all of its glory. In seeking the successes of life, we often fail to find enough “joy in the journey.”

It has been said that the ‘secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age . . .”  When we pay attention to the abundance of nature, in all of its forms, we can rediscover the sense of wonder and awe we felt as children. In a universe that is infinite, how could we ever be bored?

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