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About "Views of Earth"

When I was a kid growing up in Emmett Idaho, my dreams often included the ability to fly. As I remember, flying required me to run very fast and then jump in a certain way, but unfortunately, these flights were only for short distance and were limited in height.

At the time, although I knew about airplanes and spaceships, I had no reason to get on an airplane until my mid-teens, and although I have visited NASA several times, I still haven't lifted off the planet in a rocket.

Until my first airplane ride, looking down at the earth required climbing a tree or a mountain, and I did a lot of both. Although I still envied birds that soared overhead, I hoped that someday I could do the same without being in the middle seat of a 747.

Since those early years, I have flown in a lot of airplanes, big and small. I have soared above the earth numerous times in helicopters, even dangling my feet 1,000 feet over Yellowstone because we took the door off for pictures.

My best Father's Day present allowed me to jump out of a plane with a parachute - one of my best days on the planet. Some of the grandkids watching below were holding a sign that said "Grandpa, don't go splat."

More recently, drone technology has allowed me to vicariously soar with the birds and see the earth from an entirely new perspective, and the view is spectacular.

From the Sky includes images of earth taken from planes, helicopters, and drones. No spaceships yet. Still hoping.

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