About "Idaho"

I was blessed to have been born and raised in Idaho. Although I left my home state after high school to attend college, and I lived in various places such as Washington DC, Utah and Korea before graduating from law school, I chose to return to Idaho to live and raise a family. I have never regretted the decision to return to a place where my parents still live in the home where I was raised and where most of my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, in-laws, kids and grandkids live.

In many ways, Idaho is an island of sanity in a sea of insanity. It is also a land of unlimited beauty with a rich heritage of traditional values that include hard work, fierce independence, and a love of the great outdoors. As a result, many people are fleeing circumstances in other states to make Idaho their home. Not everyone in Idaho is happy about this, but I can’t blame anyone who wants a better life (as long as they don’t bring the mess with them).

At the risk of increasing Idaho’s population further, this gallery includes many images of Idaho’s beauty and heritage. Although there are many other places of beauty in the world, Idaho is home to me.

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