Life 094

About "Life on Earth"

This gallery may be my favorite since it represents life in all its glory – God’s creatures, God’s children, God’s creations (in every form, condition and circumstance), and glimpses of everyday life somewhere on the planet.

Most of these pictures have a backstory that would explain what was happening, why it was happening, and why I felt compelled to take the picture. Other images have no explanation. They simply represent what I saw during a unique moment in time.

Telling each story would be fun but time consuming, and often, a series of photographs would be necessary to explain the story in full. Although I know (and love) many of the people in this gallery, I have encountered many strangers in public places who were strangers simply because I had not met them. A few were strangers when I took their picture but forever friends after. Some of my most cherished memories involve strangers in the humblest of circumstances who inspired me when I invited them into my world for a moment or a lifetime.

For the people I know, I have gained their permission (sometimes reluctantly) to appear in this collection. Others unknown to me are often unrecognizable – shot from a distance or with heads turned away. Although this type of street photography is common, I would never sell images of recognizable people without their consent.

So, here is life in its many shapes, sizes, and conditions. Some of it is sweet, some of it is funny, and some of it is sad and heartbreaking – just like life.

The secret of life is not to just get through it, but to live, to laugh, to learn, to love, and to serve. The secret of life is not in the living or dying, it is in the now.

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