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About This Website

This website is about seeing, capturing, and sharing, but mostly sharing. It contains a lot of images, far more than some people will want to see. Unlike respectable photographers who present their best images for sale, my primary interest is to provide the widest possible exposure to everything that is wonderful about life - a world full of amazing people, fascinating creatures, beautiful landscapes, and boundless adventures and opportunities.

My journey into photography began near the end of a 30-year career as a federal drug prosecutor where I was involved in the investigation and prosecution of large-scale drug organizations that trafficked in human misery. It took a mid-life crisis to bring me into the world of serious photography when I realized that decades of exposure to the darkest aspects of the human condition had impacted my ability to recognize many of life’s simple pleasures.

Although photography is now a major part of my life, it is not the only thing that occupies my time. As a retired federal prosecutor, I have opportunities to speak at many local, state, regional and national conferences on a variety of subjects relating to the law, law enforcement, drug education, building strong communities, protecting and nurturing children, and photography. My favorite type of work is dealing directly with youth, and increasingly, my youth workshops include learning about photography and the great outdoors. On a good day, a workshop on photography is followed by an outdoor excursion with a busload of kids.

When people enjoy my images, I wish that I could share everything else that I experienced at the moment the shutter was released. For each photograph, I have etched in my memory the sight, sound, aroma and feel of a place or experience – a unique moment in time. Hopefully, I have captured enough of the moment to allow you to go there with me and experience some of the wonder and beauty of this earth.


Galleries.  In order to enhance your experience with the images, each gallery has a link that explains what the gallery includes, and why.

Speaking and Training. For more information about my presentations, including photography workshops and field trips, please go to the Speaking and Training link.

The About Me link will further explain my journey from prosecutor to photographer and why I am so passionate about what I do.

The Fine Art link will explain options for purchasing framing, or licensing images for commercial use. Although you can add anything to your shopping cart directly from the image, you should review additional information (Fine Art) such as: signed prints, limited edition prints, how print size is important in preserving the entire image, and important considerations in choosing the right company to print canvas gallery wraps.

The Contact link (as well as social media icons) will provide you with contact information as well as stories and adventures in the form of Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts, videos and publications.

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